The relationship with the partners of JSC "Druzhba Poultry Farm "is based on the principle of mutual benefit. Our relations with suppliers are based on the ethics of business relationships and transparent, mutually beneficial cooperation. We are always open for new contacts.

The list of commodity items purchased by JSC "Poultry Farm "Druzhba"


Contact of the supply department: +375 16 364-83-39

Full name Contacts Products
Tovstik A. S

+375 44 534-62-44

Spare parts for agricultural machines and aggregates.
Spare parts for slaughtering, processing and recycling shops Chemistry.
Klimkovich S. L.

+375 44 751-50-83

Spare parts for agricultural units.
Spare parts for refrigeration equipment and air compressors.
Serzhan E. V.

+375 29 111-60-72

Building materials
Velko Y. B.

+375 29 111-60-74

Special clothing, household and office supplies, hardware, zap. parts for broiler production
Shlapakova O. T.

+375 29 350-04-07

Packaging, containers, auxiliary materials for processing and slaughter shops

Simakovich E.Y.

+375 29 356-66-14

Raw materials for the production of compound feeds
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